Note: Minimum of two adult guests, is required to reserve a villa at OBLU SELECT Lobigili.
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excursions and cruises


Engage in Maldives adventure activities and discover the wild and pristine vistas of the Indian Ocean as you set sail on a wondrous journey. From trying your hand at sunset fishing to watching spinning dolphins, we offer a range of boat excursions. You can also ‘go your own way’, literally, as you charter your own boat and enjoy a private relaxing cruise around Lobigili island.


For safety reasons, outside boats are not allowed to the Resort and excursions and sea activities from outsourced companies are not permitted.

Sunset Fishing

No more baiting for a good fishing time! Try local line fishing aboard a traditional wooden Dhoni against spectacular tropical views and experience the classic sport which is a way of life in itself. Guests can enjoy a complimentary Sunset Fishing excursion once during their stay as a part of the Lobi Plan™, weather permitting.

Guided Snorkelling Trip

Soak in crystalline ocean views and visit the most enchanting snorkelling spots around Lobigili island. Drop anchor, and enjoy an exhilarating swim and snorkel session guided by our experienced team from the Dive School & Watersports Centre. Guests can enjoy a complimentary Guided Snorkelling Trip once during their stay as a part of the Lobi Plan™., weather permitting.

Private Lobi Cruise - A Romantic Sunset Cruise

Watch the distinctive Maldivian hues of blues and turquoise transform into romantic red, pink, purple and deep orange as you float across the sea in a dhoni. This mesmerising cruise is designed just for the two of you - to keep the evening as intimate as possible. Additional charges apply for this experience.

Private Full Moon Cruise

Take a night cruise into the majestic Indian Ocean - just for the two of you. The scene is one of magic and enchantment as moonlight shimmers over the waves. Available during full moon season and additional charges apply for this experience.