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COLOURS OF OBLU is a unique collection of Maldivian resorts by Atmosphere Hotels & Resorts. Our destinations present a curated selection of experiences that bring the magical beauty and big-hearted hospitality of the Maldives alive.
COLOURS OF OBLU offers something truly special for everyone, appealing to audiences from all walks of life in search of exotic corners, pristine beaches, and pure escapism. This encompasses world travellers, couples, families, honeymooners, and the millennial-minded. The diverse and bountiful experiences we deliver always start out with the same objective; to meet the dreams and expectations of guests in a spirit of true generosity reflecting the carefree and relaxed soul of island living.
The COLOURS OF OBLU resorts resonate a unique energy. An energy that can be felt in the spirit of the people, the lush, tropical surroundings, the flavours of the cuisine and the sights and sounds of nature. Together, these energies create a rich and vibrant alchemy of experiences that engage and inspire. And each colour tells its own story. A story that is distinct, vivid, and enchanting. Together, these stories unite to form the COLORS OF OBLU. A experience collective that awakens the senses, brings balance and provides the gift of lifetime memories.
Our core values are: VIBRANTLY COLOURFUL - We reflect the vivid tropical environment which is our natural milieu. We are playful, lively and fun and our guests are always invigorated and engaged. GENUINELY AUTHENTIC - We are simple, honest and true. This means that our guests are loyal, and we make strong human connections. REFRESHINGLY FRIENDLY - We care deeply about our guests, and we believe that our human touch promotes connection.
COLOURS OF OBLU offers four resorts: OBLU SELECT Sangeli, OBLU NATURE Helengeli, OBLU SELECT Lobigili, and OBLU XPERIENCE Ailafushi.
3rd Floor H. Aagé Building Boduthakurufaanu Magu Malé 20094 The Maldives
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