about the brand

Colours Of Oblu

The COLOURS OF OBLU resorts resonate a unique energy. An energy that can be felt in the spirit of the people, the lush, tropical surroundings, the flavours of the cuisine, and the sights and sounds of nature. Together, these energies create a rich and vibrant alchemy of experiences that engage and inspire. And each colour tells its own story. A story that is distinct, vivid, and enchanting. Together, these stories unite to form the COLORS OF OBLU. An experience collective that awakens the senses, brings balance, and provides the gift of lifetime memories.

Allow us to sweep you away on immersive journeys through majestic Indian Ocean vistas and lush tropical islands, all awash in golden sunshine. Bask in dazzling tropical colours and vibrant local culture brought alive though generous, large-hearted hospitality. Escape to gorgeous island resorts encircled by miles of dreamy blue sea, with sincere smiles, genuine kindnesses, and authentic experiences that shine through long after you’ve left our shores.
We reflect the vivid tropical environment which is our natural milieu. We are playful, lively, and fun and our guests are always invigorated and engaged. We make a difference by capturing the imagination and inspiring with our vibrance which encompasses not only the surroundings but the warmth and energy of our colleagues.
We are simple, honest, and true. This means that our guests are loyal, and we make strong human connections. We are transparent and deliver on our promises which are seamlessly embedded into the experience. This consistency, integrity, and commitment to serving our guests lie at the heart of our brand.
We care deeply about our guests, and we believe that our human touch promotes connection. We want people to feel at ease with us and to know that we exist to make them happy, so they are free to experience the best of our resorts.

Distinct, Vivid, And Enchanting

COLOURS OF OBLU is a unique and vivid collection of resorts by Atmosphere Hotels and Resorts. Our destinations present a curated selection of diverse experiences that bring the magical beauty and big-hearted hospitality of the Maldives alive.