excursions and cruises

Unforgettable Indian Ocean Adventures

Engage in Maldives adventure activities and discover the wild and pristine vistas of the Indian Ocean as you set sail on a wondrous journey. From trying your hand at sunset fishing to watching spinning dolphins, we offer a range of boat excursions. You can also ‘go your own way’, literally, as you charter your own boat and enjoy a private relaxing cruise around Sangeli island.

Sunset Fishing

No more baiting for a good fishing time! Try local line fishing aboard a traditional wooden Dhoni against spectacular tropical views and experience the classic sport which is a way of life in itself.

Moonlight Cruise

The magical vistas of the Indian Ocean get more enticing in the blue filter of moonlight. Cruising under the romantic starry skies is a unique experience that must be seen to be believed.

Dolphin Watching

Nature at its purest. Watching a magnificent group of dolphins twist, frolic, and dance in their signature joyful style as they swim along with your boat … a true party over Indian Ocean waters.