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Inspired By Nature

Relaxation reigns supreme at the beautiful and intimate ELENA The best Spa in Maldives, hidden in the lush tropical garden of Helengeli island. Pamper yourself with luxurious spa rituals, with a choice of indoor or outdoor treatment rooms. We offer traditional and modern treatments that use a holistic method inspired by the five natural elements wood, fire, earth, metal, and water.

Our signature Maldivian Sand Massage and the After-Sun treatments complete your sun therapy experience. Further, yoga and fitness programs performed by passionate, highly skilful, and internationally renowned therapists leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

Veli Bon'dli (Maldivian Sand Bundle Massage)

A native age-old healing practice of the Maldives that reduces inflammation and body pain. The therapy uses a warm sand-filled pouch to massage your body and ease muscle aches.

Sun Soother Facial

After a day of sun-kissed island exploration, nourish your skin with our signature mask, made from local products to provide instant relief from overheated and over-tanned skin.

Sun Burn Treatment with Aloe Vera

This treatment uses Aloe Vera products to intensively moisturise and calm overheated, dehydrated skin. Soothe and repair the damages caused by excessive sun exposure the natural way.

Maldivian Restorative Treatment

Maldivian healing and in-room meditation session. The therapy includes coconut body scrubs, coconut hair and scalp treatments, facial massages, and full-body coconut shell massage.