Oblu XPErience Ailafushi
ELE | NA Sustainable Spa

connecting the five senses

The sustainable spa at ELE | NA is unlike anything else in the Maldives. Woven around the elements of nature, every experience connects you with the tropical landscape and community at Ailafushi island. Learn about holistic wellness and sustainable spa practices in small groups.

Your organic, nature-inspired spa journey unfolds in a beautiful garden. Start with a bespoke wellness consultation to discover your element. Then we will build an elemental journey for you with tailored treatments from a selection of spa therapies. Lie back on the garden spa beds and let our certified therapists massage you into a state of blissful relaxation. Complete the experience with a sustainable beverage from the Xperience Juice Bike. This curated spa journey connects all five senses, leaving you re-energised and refreshed.

Touch & Smell

Mix, pound and whip natural elixirs using three fresh and organic components, tailored to your Element. Relax and enjoy the spa treatment using natural products. Treatments include natural facial, natural face and neck lifting treatment, back, neck and shoulder massage, scalp and hair booster, and floating feet.


Experience a moment of mindfulness through healing sound therapies such as Tibetan singing bowl, Tibetan singing bowl with water or sand, and hypnotic drum rhythm (Boduberu drumming). Meditate and practice the Kaki Mudra, a breathing exercise that promotes wellness.


Blend your favourite tropical fruits at the first-ever Maldivian juice bike for a sustainable, healthy refreshment served in the fruit shells. An all-natural experience!


Surrender to the breathtaking Indian Ocean views, as you sink into comfy sustainable bean bags scattered around the spa beach. Sip your handmade fruit juice and gaze upon the brilliant turquoise hues.